International Student Accommodation Options

GEOS Toronto has two accommodation options for international students: Homestay and Private Residence.


Our Homestay program is the best way to truly discover everything about Canadian culture.  Our devoted Homestay coordinator works with every student individually to find the right fit so he/she feels comfortable and safe at all times.

All of the families we work with are carefully selected to meet the demanding standard we hold for our students and their continual safety and comfort. All within a close distance of the school, our families all live in safe, clean and easily accessible neighbourhoods. 

Students generally stay in single rooms, although double rooms may be available upon request. Students have the option of selecting full-board (3 meals provided per day)or half-board (2 meals provided per day). 

(Sunday - Saturday)Season A (Aug 23 - Jun 20)Season B (Jun 21 - Aug 22)
Homestay (half-board, single room)$270$295
Homestay (full-board, single room)$300$325

Accommodation (Sunday - Saturday)

Accommodation Fee + Accommodation Placement Fee: $200 - Homestay Season A from Aug23 to Jun20
Single Room Half Board$270
Single Room Full Board$300
Double Room Half Board$240
Double Room Full Board$270
Accommodation Fee + Accommodation Placement: $200 - Homestay Season B from Jun 21 to Aug 22
Single Room Half Board$295
Single Room Full Board$325
Double Room Half Board$240
Double Room Full Board$270
Accommodation Fee + Accommodation Placement: $200 - Residence or Aparment
Single Room Self Catered$350
Single Room Full Board$450
Double Room Self Catered$300
Double Room Full Board$400

*Accommodation Placement Fee: $200 (non-refundable if accommodation is confirmed)

Private Residence

GEOS also offers residential apartments from September until June, all of which are located in the general vicinity of the school. This accommodation is shared with other international students. The apartments are co-ed, however, shared bedrooms are same-gender. The apartments always include a well-equipped kitchen (including cooking utensils), a shared bathroom and living areas. The apartments vary in location, size and number of bedrooms, but expect to share with 2 – 3 other students.

Have a look at our residences in Toronto:

Casa Residence  

Tartu Residence  

It is important to note that private residences are self-catering. Students are responsible for all meals. 

Accommodation options for international students are very important. At GEOS we help every student select the right option for them. Contact us directly for more information on our accommodation options.