Homestay Meal Plan

Our host families will provide up to 3 meals per day (depending on the students choice of half-board or full-board), which will cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. On weekends, meals will be subject to flexibility on both parties (student and host family). 

Below is an example of a typical homestay meal plan: 


A typical Canadian breakfast often consists of some of the following: 



  • Coffee, tea, juice and milk 
  • Cereal and fruit
  • Toast or croissant with ham/cheese or jam/peanut butter/chocolate spread/honey 


  • Coffee, tea, juice and milk 
  • Toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage, ham and cheese 


On school days, the 'host family' will provide the student with a packed lunch. A typical packed lunch includes a sandwich with meat, fruit, muffin or cookies and a drink. Many students like to prepare their own lunches. In this case, please discuss this with your host family to prevent any confusion. Leftovers often make for an enjoyable lunch. 


A dinner will be the featured meal of the day, which will include at least one type of meat, along with a starch, vegetables or a salad. An evening meal is always provided for the student. 

Snacks are always available to students.