• Welcome to GEOS Languages Plus Toronto
    Learn English as a Second Language with us in Toronto! 

We are an ESL School conveniently located steps away from the heart of downtown Toronto, at the corner of Adelaide and Church.

At GEOS Toronto, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in English Canadian culture. Our language courses use a comprehensive methodology and combine basic and advanced language skills required to thrive in an English speaking culture. 

Our English programs range in intensity, from part-time (10 lessons per week) to super-intensive (40 lessons per week). Our other general programs are standard English (20 lessons per week) and intensive (30 lessons per week). 

GEOS Toronto's Pathways program helps prepare students for their future. Our in-depth instruction is suitable for students interested in studying at a post-secondary institution. GEOS works with over 50 universities and colleges from Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Malta.

We offer test preparation programs that are designed to help intermediate to advanced students prepare for tests, including IELTS. The focus of these programs is to ensure the student develops a strong comprehension of the English language and the ability to speak, listen, read and write at a high level.

For busy students, or for those interested in individual study we offer private one-on-one tutorials. Contact us for more details! 

It is our belief that suitable accommodations are important for international students to succeed here in Toronto. Our Homestay Program is our most popular accommodation option, although we also have several Private Residences within walking distance of the school. 

Whether you are familiar with English or not, GEOS Language Plus Toronto accommodates all skill levels and experiences. Both, long-term and short-term programs are available to fit your schedule.