• Visit Canada's largest city and learn English with us at GEOS Toronto 

Visiting Toronto

Every year, GEOS Toronto welcomes hundreds of students from around the world. Toronto’s diverse population, unparalleled culture and ranging climate attract a high number of visitors and travelers year round. Whether you long for days of sunshine, or the uncertainty associated with winter, the city on the Northwestern shore of Lake Ontario has something for everyone.

GEOS Toronto’s carefully selected location is close to all major attractions and within walking distance of Toronto’s bustling downtown core, multiple subway and streetcar lines, and a wide-range of restaurants, cafés, and bars.  Located in the “old town district”, our school is steps from the St. Lawrence Market, the city’s oldest market.

 With a total population closing in on 6 million, Torontonians are a pleasant bunch of people who welcome newcomers with open arms.  49% of Toronto’s population is in fact, first generation immigrants, contributing to Toronto’s title as the most diverse urban centre in the world.  As no stranger to new comers, Toronto is a hub for cultural activities from around the world.  Experience Toronto firsthand today with GEOS Language PLUS.